Boris Johnson severely criticized, Serbs save Djokovic



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Every day of the week, Eurozapping makes the rounds of news in European countries. It’s Eurozapping on Friday the 14th.

Attacks against Boris Johnson are increasing in the United Kingdom. In full national mourning, two evenings were held at 10 Downing Street, the day before Prince Philip’s funeral last April. “I understand people in the country are angry after what happened”, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Liz Trust. Boris Johnson has apologized to the Queen, but voices are rising for her resignation.

Poland revolted against the closure of the Turo mine. It should be put on hold since last February, when the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of the Czech Republic, which finds it too polluting. A fine of 500,000 euros has also been imposed for daily delays. Poland refuses to pay and complies.

Serbia, with Novak Djokovic as an individual. To withdraw his visa for the second time, when he hasn’t been vaccinated but has contracted COVID-19, comes as a shock to his fellow citizens. “What Australia is imposing on Novak is a disappointment to all Serbs. It means no one from here is welcome anywhere, even if they are at the top. This is unacceptable.”, asks a passerby.

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