Boris Johnson reshuffles his government to restore political health

A year and a half after a very painful Covid-19 crisis for the United Kingdom and a very critical departure from Afghanistan, and as Brexit disrupts the country’s supplies, the head of government is looking for a second wind. After weeks of rumours, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday (September 15) decided to reshuffle his government to form the government. “United Team” Given the aftermath of the pandemic.

“The government I have appointed today will work tirelessly to unite and level the entire country”handjob boris johnson gave assurance on twitter, reiterating a campaign pledge for disadvantaged areas of northern England, thrilled for Labor in 2019. “We will build better after the pandemic and respond to your priorities”, she added.

Among the government figures threatened by the press, the head of diplomacy Dominic Raab was sacked. The 47-year-old liberal has been criticized for his inaction during the Afghan crisis, staying on holiday in Crete since Kabul fell to the Taliban in mid-August. He then blamed the army for some errors made during the evacuation, in an apparent lack of preparation, which angered the conservative ranks.

Rishi Sunak and Preeti Patel confirmed

Foreign Trade Minister Liz Truss (46), noted for her popularity with a conservative base, turns her into this strategic position, Britain wants to strengthen its place on the international stage after Brexit. Mr Raab became justice minister with the title of deputy prime minister, a position he de facto held until then, leading the government in the spring of 2020 when Mr Johnson, ill with COVID-19, was hospitalized. Liz Truss would be replaced by Anne-Marie Trevelyan, formerly in International Development, whose ministry was involved in foreign affairs.

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Education Minister Gavin Williamson is leaving the government, as predicted with Justice Robert Buckland and Housing, Robert Jenrick, during his handling of school closures during the lockdown and the exams that followed. The young and popular finance minister, Rishi Sunak, 41, the darling of the conservative press, however, has been confirmed.

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Interior Minister, Priti Patel, given the hot seat due to her inability to reduce the arrival of migrants through the channel so far, was also confirmed in her actions as Defense Minister, Ben Wallace.

The play of the musical chair is reflected in the promotion of Nadim Zahvi, the secretary of state in charge of vaccination against Covid-19, appointed for education following the success of the British vaccination campaign. When the government wants to reform the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and privatize Channel 4, Nadine Doris reaches culture, a sensitive situation.

Decline in the popularity of conservatives

Downing Street presented the reshuffle as a way “Build a strong and cohesive team to build better after the pandemic”, with for “Aim to unite and level the whole country”. The announcement comes at a pivotal moment for the 57-year-old head of government, who rose to the position of prime minister in the summer of 2019 and largely won the December 2019 legislative election with a promise to secure Brexit, in 2016. Voted. But then at the dead end.

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A recent poll by the YouGov Institute showed a decline in popularity for Conservatives (33%), overtaking the Labor Party (35%) for the first time since the start of the year. The government is specifically paying for the announcement of an increase in social security contributions, aimed at reviving the public health system, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and improving the dependency sector. This brings the level of taxes to the highest level since the post-WWII era, despite the Conservatives’ election promise not to raise taxes.

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