Boris Johnson presents very gradual exit plan for UK control

Beautiful days are returning, the vaccine campaign is in full swing (over 25% of Britons have already received the first injection against Kovid-19), but the watchman cautions. On Monday, 22 February, Boris Johnson, though noted for his optimism, presented a plan for the United Kingdom to gradually exit the epidemic crisis, with the lifting of social and economic sanctions imposed on the British, by 2020 The latter spread to some. Four months. “Our plan is very careful, but irreversible”, Promised British Prime Minister in the House of Commons. The schools will reopen on 8 March, but not earlier in pubs, cafes, restaurants (for their room service) or theaters, best, on 17 May.

The epidemic engulfed the country in late 2020 as 10 Downing Street was forced to close all schools on 4 January. As of 21 February, the hospital had dropped by 20% in one week, with virus-caused deaths and fertility rates ranging from 27%, to only 0.6 and 0.9 in the country – it is believed to be epidemic 1 Decreases when less than.

However, as the highly contagious Kent version became prevalent in the United Kingdom at the end of the year, other variants have also been identified in the area (in Liverpool, Bristol or Essex), some of which have the same genetic modification as the South African version. More resistant to vaccines than, which concerns a few dozen cases in the country.

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In addition, Boris Johnson has promised his fellow citizens: this third imprisonment should be the last. The prime minister’s political credibility – much criticized for managing the epidemic in 2020 – and especially the morale of the British is at stake, as the United Kingdom has accused the worst recession in Europe. There is no question of repeating the errors of the rarely decimated second deconfiguration in early December, when the Kent version began to be actively aired in the south of the country.

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Vaccination campaign effects

So while schools were given priority in this deconfiguration plan, the government is concerned that since March 2020, so far, about six months of young English people with no attendance have accumulated. in schools. On 8 March, the installations will reopen for all levels and additional sporting activities may resume. In Scotland and Wales, pupils in the early grades have also returned partially from Monday.

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