Boris Johnson, Leadership at Risk. Government crisis in Britain?

Boris Johnson He was ready to attack his party, now ready to question his leadership. Former mayor of London, who was one of the main promoters of leave In campaigning on Brexit, he risked leaving office Prime minister Due to internal dispute over management of Epidemic crisis.

Steve bakerBetween the major exponents of Conservative And a member of the British Parliament, he sent a letter to his colleagues conservative Party, Stating that it would be a disaster The uk Continue to maintain Kovid restrictions announced until 4 January until spring.

In addition, Baker himself has urged conservatives to support him in a Government crisis, If Johnson does not announce out of existing measures soon.

Boris Johnson, Leadership at Risk. Government crisis in Britain?

In a letter shared with other representatives of the majority party, Baker argues that a strategy has been adopted that puts it Fundamental freedom From British citizens, to restore them and assure that they will no longer be confined in any way.

The document states that, if the executive plan continues, the private sector kills small businesses and the poorest people, then the leadership Boris Johnson Will inevitably be the subject of discussion.

In a later tweet, Steve Baker sets the tone, noting that the country needs Johnson’s commitment and guidance, who managed to make an excellent discovery Agreement with the European Union, As well as implementing an excellent vaccination and economic reform plan.

Labor and conservative chiefs in election

However, due to Lockdown Still in place, due to English version of virus Even more contagious, and exiting the European Union, the national economy is at risk of being exposed to its own Worst financial crisis in history.

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So uncertainty can lead to new conflicts between conservatives. Last week alone, there were 14 Tory defection on new measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, with some expressing dissatisfaction with other exponents.

Should there be a total of 40 rivals, Johnson would be forced to leave 10 Downing Street.

If you had to go Early electionDespite Johnson’s victorious victory nearly a year ago, a head-to-head is expected Labor party And that Die-hard, Which currently gives 39% some elections.

In order to shift the balance, it may be necessary for both players in the region to form an agreement with both the Liberal Party or the Greens at 6%.

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