Boris Johnson is keeping pace with Scotland and Wales on domestic market bills

Boris Johnson is keeping pace with Scotland and Wales on domestic market bills

Boris Johnson is on the verge of a new dilemma with the perverted administration of the United Kingdom, following the publication of legislation to return power from Brussels to Westminster on the Scottish and Welsh issue in Brussels.

The Scottish Government of Nicola Sturgeon said today that it would be impossible for Hollywood to agree to the UK Domestic Market Bill, as it said it threatened London’s ability to operate independently on key issues such as setting a minimum unit price for alcohol.

Welsh government minister Jeremy Miles called the law an “attack on democracy and an attack on the people of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland” that threatened to leave the union in the future.

The bill proposed a new approach to preserving all UK domestic markets after the expiration of the Brexit transition on 31 December in the summer of a white paper.

Its provisions have already raised a furious barrier for UK ministers to oversee the elements of the Brexit withdrawal agreement on Northern Ireland, the prime minister has signed the international agreement, and has rushed to parliament for scrutiny.

But now proposals for Westminster ministers to take control of the design and replacement of various EU spending programs in areas such as infrastructure, economic development, culture, sports, educational activities and training have sparked outrage in Edinburgh.

And this step is 1 of the ministers of London Newport. At the Billion M4 relief road has also been the scene of conflict with Cardiff as rejected by the Welsh administration.

Scottish Prime Minister Michael Russell said: “This is not a real partnership of equality and we could not recommend the passage of a bill that would offend the Scottish Parliament, and the UK government continues to violate international law in its own right.

“This is a fair blueprint that will open the door to bad trade and will continue to attack evolution in a way we have not experienced since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament. We cannot and will not do that.

“This will open the door to competition under food standards, environmental standards and jeopardize key public health policies such as minimum unit pricing. If other countries feel that the UK is not fulfilling its obligations, it will make it more difficult for the UK government to conclude free trade agreements.” It will also hit the Scottish economy. “

Meanwhile, Mr Miles, the Welsh Minister for European Change, said: “The UK government plans to abandon the future of the Union by stealing power from corrupt administrations.

“Important decisions for Welsh businesses, important infrastructure and investment opportunities, and food security on Welsh supermarket shelves should be made by the Welsh government, and by the Welsh government, and with the consent of the Senate – and not the Conservative backbenchers.”

“The UK government is clearly trying to rewrite the devolution settlement. The fact that they want the basic law proves that they have taken that power away from us.

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