Boris Johnson helps an MP in corruption

London. There’s a lot to report from the World Climate Conference over the past few days: it was about investing billions in forests, world leaders who promised to reduce CO₂ emissions, and Greta Thunberg, who chanted rebel chants. had led.

But it was the second news from COP26 in Glasgow that caused a lot of stir on the Emerald Isle. The fact is that Prime Minister Boris Johnson not only wore a mask there several times and eventually took a private jet from Glasgow to London instead of boarding the train for four hours.

When he arrived in the capital, the 57-year-old had committed a huge scandal – by trying to save an MP suspected of corruption and, according to observers, shook the foundations of not only democracy, but also against his own party. Them.

Then the newspaper “Daily Mail” carried the headline on Thursday: “Shameless ministers felt”. The British daily “I” wrote: “The Tories are breaking anti-corruption rules to save the guilty minister.” In the end, Boris Johnson had no choice but to back down.

Corruption charges: it is about 580,000 euros

The scandal began when Boris Johnson called on Conservative lawmakers to vote against the 30-day suspension of a former minister involved in corruption charges, contrary to the recommendation of an independent committee. The former minister is Owen Paterson.

He has been accused, among other things, of violating lobby rules by paying for consulting activities by two companies – in the amount of around £500,000, more than €580,000. In addition, the Tories wanted to set up a new committee to control misconduct in parliament, much of which should be their own.

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“Damn and a huge mismanagement”

It was not long before a storm of outrage erupted over Boris Johnson’s blunt announcement to vote against Owen Patterson’s suspension. Even from within the Conservative Party.

Mark Harper, one of only 13 Tories to vote against the change, tweeted, “This is one of the most unpleasant episodes in my 16 years as an MP. Not instructing my teammates to vote from above Should have. It can’t happen again.” A backbencher, reluctant to support the change, said, “I really regret it.” Another called it “bloody shame and huge mismanagement”.

Johnson is turning around – under pressure from his own ranks

“We are in a quagmire now,” said Chris Bryant, a Labor MP and chairman of the committee dealing with norms in parliament. Conservative politician Jacob Rees-Mogg acknowledged that the resolution passed on Wednesday evening “brought up a certain controversy” and “merged the personal matter with the general concern” that there was no proper appeals process for lawmakers.

Boris Johnson finally turned back under pressure from his own party. Lawmakers should now be able to vote again “as soon as possible” on Patterson’s suspension, it said on Thursday. As it turned out during the day, this would no longer be necessary as the MP had resigned from his post that evening. He took this decision along with his family. The last two years have been a nightmare. He has consistently denied allegations of corruption.

Boris Johnson also indicated that he would refrain from setting up a committee to be headed by a Conservative MP. In fact, this is one of several episodes in which Johnson briefly changed his mind. Because it was no contradiction for him these days to stress first how important it is to protect the climate before getting on the plane a few hours later.

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