Boris Johnson gets a volley of darts

Apart from a few experts, very few Europeans know that the World Darts Championships take place in London until January 3, 2022. Like snooker or cricket, the discipline is one of the “So British” sports.

Every year thousands of fans from across the UK come together to watch the PDC World Darts Championship match. Despite the pandemic, more than 80,000 spectators are expected to reach the finals. But due to health reasons, he was almost deprived of his favorite show.

English health experts have already said loud and clear that the increase in cases of the Omicron variant should not have resulted in competition. But the game has not been won, as from 26 December all sporting events will be played behind closed doors in Wales and on low gauge in Scotland.

Fans present at the Alexandra Palace on Monday evening expressed dissatisfaction with the policies adopted by the English government and its prime minister. They got up and began singing an anti-Boris Johnson song, which said, “Get up if you hate Boris”.

super loud disguised fan

A great success in a gathering that is often made up of noisy people. Unlike snooker fans, they are not the type to clap with the snap of their fingers. They like to sing, shout, write slogans, dress up and drink beer.

(The Essentials/Cloud-Elain Zafari)

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