Boris Johnson denies EU allegations

European Council President Charles Mitchell accused the vaccines of “export restrictions” from the United Kingdom and the United States

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday refused to stop the export of coronavirus vaccine to the European Union following allegations to this effect. “We have not blocked the export of any vaccine against Kovid-19 or any component of the vaccine,” said the government’s head of MPs.

During the weekly question-and-answer session in Parliament, he said, “This epidemic has put all of us on the same side in the health fight in the world. We oppose vaccine nationalism.”

In a text published online, European Council President Charles Mitchell had condemned the United States and the United Kingdom’s “export ban”, drawing immediate denials from London. Charles Mitchell said in a tweet Tuesday evening “happy” that the British response leads to “more transparency in exports and increased exports to the European Union and third countries”.

New fight

Britain on Wednesday summoned Deputy EU Ambassador Nicola Mannion in London and British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab wrote a letter to Charles Mitchell in protest. He says that “the British government has not blocked any exports of the Kovid-19 vaccine or the vaccine component,” according to the Foreign Office.

According to a European official, “a response is in readiness” on the European side, adding that the European Union exports 30% of its vaccines, while the British “offer no figures”.

The new incident comes just one month after a diplomatic daring from the European Union: Brussels wanted to use an emergency provision for a Brexit deal in Northern Ireland, with UK vaccine supply issues following a row with London CID-19. Facing resentment, the European Union quickly returned.

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