Boris Johnson defends police and vows to strengthen women’s security

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday promised to increase security for women in the UK following the murder of a young Londoner, while defending the intervention of British police on Saturday to conduct unofficial protests in London.

The Conservative leader, who was later chairing a meeting of the Crime and Justice Task Force to consider ways to strengthen female security, said she had a “deep” concern that during a tribute by police Young women were shown to be restrained and handcuffed. A week after her disappearance, Sarah Everard was seen dead in a wood in South London.

“Like everyone who has seen them, I am deeply concerned about these images,” Mr. Johnson said during a visit to Coventry University, promising the government to complain of sexual harassment or harassment to women “properly The cure will feel “and heard”.

However, the conservative leader reiterated his “absolute confidence” in the action of London Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, assuring that “the police have a very difficult task” although relaying the images are “very disturbing”.

Following the police intervention to disperse an unauthorized demonstration in a purely general imprisonment, the London Police Commissioner refused to resign, stressing the difficulty of maintaining order in such a gathering.

Dissatisfied with the explanations received from police officials, London Mayor Sadiq Khan called for an independent inquiry, while Home Secretary Preeti Patel called the chief inspector of chiefs to order a review of police action at the rally.

Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old London woman, went missing on March 03 when she returned home. More than a week later, his body was found in a wood near the town of Ashford in the south-east of England.

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The main accused in the case, an officer of the Metropolitan Police, a member of the unit responsible for the protection of diplomatic representations, was brought to justice for the kidnapping and murder. After a brief hearing on Saturday, she will be produced in the Old Bailey Court next Tuesday.

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