Boris Johnson called for “caution”, but ruled out further turning of the screw before Christmas

“Keep on protecting yourself and your loved ones, especially the most delicate, and don’t forget to follow the recommendations”, the prime minister advised.

The prime minister of the United Kingdom announced on Tuesday that no new restrictions measures would be put in place before Christmas, but called on the population to be “careful”, noting that the situation remains “on a wire” due to the Omicron version .

“We do not think there is enough data today to justify the implementation of more serious measures before Christmas”, argued Boris Johnson in a video shared on the social network by Downing Street on Tuesday, underscoring the seriousness of the “persistent uncertainty”. Omicron edition citing “persistent uncertainty” about “the rate of hospitalization” or “the effect of vaccinations and boosters”.

“The population can afford to celebrate Christmas, but the situation remains on a string,” he warned, however. “Keep on protecting yourself and your loved ones, especially the most vulnerable, and don’t forget to follow the recommendations,” he advised.

Possible new measures after Christmas

“What I can say this evening is that of course we cannot rule out that new measures will be taken after Christmas and we will continue to monitor the data, we will do what is necessary to protect public health.” Will do”, however, he said, warning the head of government about possible restrictions on the new year.

The prime minister spoke of a situation that “remains extremely difficult” and assured that the executive would continue to “closely” monitor the development of the Omicron version. “If the situation worsens, we will be ready to take action if required,” he said.

Boris Johnson urged British people to wear masks indoors when necessary, get tested and ventilate rooms before visiting the elderly. New Year’s celebrations in London have been cancelled, the mayor of the British capital announced on Monday.

The United Kingdom, which on Monday reported 91,743 new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours, is one of the countries worst-hit by the pandemic in Europe with more than 147,000 deaths.

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