Boris Johnson and the speech where he quoted Peppa Pig: it’s a controversy in the UK

London, United Kingdom) – The Guardian calls it a speech”of tourism“: From quote by peppa pigcartoon function e Compare with Moseshead of the UK government boris johnson CBI astonished the audience present at the gathering of industrialists, the British Union. a speech punctuated with jokes and rhetorical inventions in the classic style of the English premiere; this time though with disparity rate Which blew the nose of more than one person. This time according to Richard Swart, manager of a construction group present at the event “disastrous, well below the need for a prime minister“Even the opposing political factions, Labor in the leadership, have not lost the opportunity to return to the attack, this time against a speech denounced as “chaotic” by Chancellor Rachel Reeves.

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Johnson, the speech that ignited controversy in the UK

Highlighting the need to drive private sector recovery, beyond the massive public intervention undertaken by his government against the backdrop of the pandemic, the prime minister cited the success of a dedicated theme park of course a peppa pig : A fruit of creativity which the bureaucrats of the state cannot have. “I like Peppa Pig World, raise your hand if you’ve been there”, he insisted, addressing the audience of surprised businessman, Some of those present openly criticized him for not focusing on the topic under discussion: the long-awaited plans for the North of England. and, moreover, to ask the audience if he ever went to a Attractions for Children Miles Away”six hour drive“Where he was from. No.His refers to himself as “the one”.A decolog of commands” For the “Green Project” of companies towards a sustainable model in relation to climate change.

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