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From Sunday in Manchester, the British Prime Minister encouraged Conservative Party workers by promising them a bright future ahead of Brexit. One discourse, however, is out of step with the shortcomings the country is currently suffering from.

He had not spoken to such a large audience for two years. He clearly missed the practice: for forty-five minutes, like a comedian in the middle of a one-man show, the prime minister cracked jokes under the laughter and applause of loud conservative activists. Collage: tackles the leader of Labor, “What does Ricky the bus driver look like”, or on “Good Old Michelle Barnier”, Who negotiated Brexit with Britain’s David Frost: « Now who is calling to reintroduce France? This is good old Michelle Barnier. That’s what happens when you spend a year trying to argue with Lord Frost, the biggest frost since the great frost of 1709.(“Who’s calling France to take back control now? It’s good old Michel Barnier. That’s what happens when you try to negotiate with Lord Frost, the biggest cold since the great winter of 1709. !”).

“Boris, nothing will stop him”

A scoff at the Conservative Party’s post-Covid slogan, “Build Back Better” was changed to “Build Back Burger” to end the ban on the export of British beef to the United States. United. In return the nominated ministers had stars in their eyes. “She’s wonderful, In her seventies, Mary enthuses Wylie, who came with her friends. He talks about the greatness of our country. That’s why I voted for Brexit. And Boris, nothing will stop him! “

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Few announcements, but many influences to excite the assembly’s imagination. and a series of praises for the British spirit embodied by Euro footballers, recent US Open tennis winner Emma Radukanu and Paralympic athletes. “That’s the spirit we’re going to free” Boris Johnson ended with thunderous applause. This is a new UK that the Conservatives have unveiled to their workers – and the country – for three days. Or rather, a renewal. A Country “release” Brussels, who gains control of his own destiny. The prime minister praised the success of the vaccine, austere military alliances with Australia and the United States, and even the . spoke about “be fired of the European Superleague».

“Pick up every part of the country”

Three days of debate, conferences led by government ministers, deputies, think tanks brought together about 10,000 people in Manchester under high police protection. Young and old, in suits and suits. Even though not everyone voted for Brexit in 2016, they are now behind their leader. “I like Boris because he is positive and patriotic”, explains activist James Innes, 25. It does things like Brexit and vaccines. He is loved in the party because he is a winner, and our party only cares about the winners. Nothing else matters.”

The word that definitely popped up the most during conventions: leveling up. A concept that came up during the general elections in 2019 with this definition: “Use our post-Brexit freedoms to drive prosperity, strength and uplift in every part of the country.” By then very vague, the concept has taken shape. This was clearly the political objective of the party in this Congress. Michael Gove was also given a “leveling up” ministry during last month’s reshuffle.

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In Manchester, he set the ax: strengthening local leadership, raising the standard of living, improving public services. The central idea is to improve the quality of life in areas of decline. “I care a lot”, Howard explains at the Midlands Bar in front of Lig Congress. To this worker from Darlington in the north of England, “The north of the country has lagged far behind the south for decades and it is about closing that gap. Labor ignored the people of the north, so they voted for Brexit.

“Benefits of Brexit”

A real challenge as the government tries to get the economy back on its feet. He decided to end partial unemployment and increase taxes that would undermine the most vulnerable families. This is the last resort, of course “unpopular” Economy Minister Rishi Sunak admitted, there is only one way “Do not take recourse to debt”. Boris Johnson spoke “A huge hole in public finance (over 2,000 billion)” Due to the pandemic, “a meteorite” that the former Conservative prime minister “Margaret Thatcher would not have ignored”.

But confined in its bubble, the Conservative Party has completely ignored the concerns of the moment: the lack of fuel and food. The topic was barely raised and when it was, party members repeatedly reiterated that the issue was global, not Brexit-related. However, on Monday, the army was deployed to deliver fuel. In contrast, conservatives remain on the same hard line on immigration embodied by Interior Minister Priti Patel. Very happy to find him in a crowded auditorium “Finally put an end to freedom of movement”.

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The government now aims to attract minds from around the world, “Best Scientist”. But who will replace the heavily deficient European heavy truckers? “We need to improve working conditions and wages to attract the British”, Conservative MP Jonathan Gullis responds. And then that’s the benefit of Brexit: using immigration when we need people in the short term. “ There are 5,000 temporary visas granted by the government for European drivers. 27, for the time being, has answered the call.

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