Boris Becker says he is “ashamed” of his bankruptcy

Former German tennis star Boris Becker claimed during his personal bankruptcy trial in London on Monday that “astonished” And “AshamedHis bankruptcy was announced by the British courts in June 2017, days before the Wimbledon tournament, on which he was commenting.

The six-time Grand Slam winner is facing 24 bankruptcy-related charges related to a 3.5 million euro loan from a private bank, Arbuthnot Latham.

His bankruptcy was announced days before the Wimbledon tournament, on which the former tennis player was working for the BBC and Australian and Japanese television.

,As you can imagine, I was stunned by the situation. Because it was all in the news, I walked through the gates of Wimbledon and everyone knew. I was embarrassed because I went bankruptThe player told the court.

According to the former world number one, his bankruptcy and media treatment damaged the ‘Baker Brand’ and he later struggled to pay off his debts.

,It’s hard when you go bankrupt and you’re making headlines about it every week. It’s very difficult to earn a lot of money in my nameHe said, pointing out that media coverage of his case was particularly negative in Germany and the United Kingdom.

During his trial in London, he was specifically accused of not giving away nine trophies to pay his debt, which he has won nine trophies throughout his career, including his two Wimbledon Cups.

He is also accused of not declaring two properties in Germany as well as having an interest in a London apartment and concealing a loan of 825,000 euros.

Baker, who has won 49 titles in his 16-year playing career, disputes the crimes he has been charged with. The trial, which began on March 21, is expected to last for three weeks.

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