Blu-ray highlights Week 07: Special Editions includes “Peninsula”, “Mrs. Taylor’s Singing Club”, “Charité – Season 3”, “X Drummer” and more.

Blu-ray highlights Week 07: Special Editions includes “Peninsula”, “Mrs. Taylor’s Singing Club”, “Charité – Season 3”, “X Drummer” and more.

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In total, we have over 80 new publications (including product editions) in the 7th calendar week 2021. Today, as always, we want to take a look at the highlights, including the latest movies, series releases and special editions on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray. Splendid film zombie film will release on 26 February, before the film is released as HD and 4K standard versionsPeninsula“(South Korea 2020) in delivery of WVG Median GmbH as special editions in the coming week. Limited to 2,000. Medibook “Peninsula” with German DTS-HD-Master-Audio-5.1-Sound is included on Blu-ray and Mystery Thriller.Den“(South Korea 2010) on a bonus disc. Bonus content includes make-ins, features, and trailers. One.”Limited deluxe edition“Blu-ray and horror flick Ultra HD Blu-ray As well as the other two parts of the trilogy on Blu-ray. The edition, limited to 1,000 pieces, includes slipcases in a digipak as well as patches and six art print films.


Leonin Published Feel Good Comedy “Mrs. Taylor’s Singing Club“(Great Britain 2019) with Kristin Scott Thomas on Blu-ray in the funnel case. The disc features DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 as well as German sound in feature and behind-the-scenes content. Capelite Pictures comes with Katafenfilm “.sky Fire“(China 2019) by Simon West about a devastating volcanic eruption. The horror film is mysterious.”Voice – Voice beyond“(USA 2020) with Ashley Bell, Jordan Ladd and Leslie Easterbrook, when a blind woman begins to hear voices. A selection of notable new films are accompanied by music documentaries.”Everything of all“(USA 2019) More about Lil Peep”Mean Man – The Story of Chris Holmes“(Great Britain 2021) went round.


Over the next few days, three new series are awaiting on Blu-ray in terms of keeping them simple. LEONINE publishes Third season Successful German Production “Charity“(Germany 2021). The season consists of six episodes and features Nina Gummich, Philippe Hochmayer, Nina Kunzondo and Uwe Ochneckench. Another German series is being released by Eye View Movies.”You Shell Not Lie – Season 1“(Germany 2020) features a German soundtrack and shoot about DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. And Pundstorm Entertainment is distributing to Adele Germany”Bodyguard – Season 1“(UK 2018) with Richard Madden and Keeley Hayes. As a bonus, there is an interview,” Behind the Scenes “and the original trailer.

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When choosing a catalog title, you can reduce the track of things a bit. Camera Obscura first published scandal film in Al-Way AG’s sales departmentFormer drummerAs Blu-ray “(Belgium 2007) Limited media version Marcus Stiglager, including essays by the professor, as well as several extras, including short films and music videos. Other films to be available in stores for the first time on Blu-ray in the coming week are Roland Americhs “Noah’s doctrine“(Germany 1984) and”Patriot – Battle of survivalLimited Edition with Steven Seagal as “(USA 1998) Medibook-edition.


Studiocanal brings new releases of Luc Besson films “Subway“(France 1985),”Joan of Arc“(France, USA 1999) and”Deeply intoxicated – Le Grand Ballu“(France 1987) – as a 2-disc special edition including the director’s cut and theatrical version – on Blu-ray and by Francis Ford Coppoulos”Apocalypse Now“(USA 1979) and David Lynch”Elephant man“(USA, Great Britain 1980) on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray. All details can be found in our database. Trump fans can watch.”Sharknado 3 – Oh hell no!“(USA 2015) ALS”Limited FuturePak Edition“Add to their collection and release ’84 Entertainment”From dusk to dawn“Individually in line Medibux On Blu-ray. Me too Medibook Pear leaf brings home science fiction drama “Do not forget me!“(USA 2004) on Blu-ray in Triple Carry with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. And last but not least it can be expected”Leon“(USA 1990) with Jean-Claude van Dam in a limited”Collector’s Edition“Including Medibook and The bust. Hopefully, because the version has already been postponed several times. You can also find these and all other new publications of our 7th calendar week (Self)

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