Blizzard Celebrates 30 Years With Anniversary Collection Pack

February 8, Blizzard Entertainment Will celebrate 30 years. The studio is known worldwide for its franchise Diablo, Victor, star Craft And Overwatch, And he wants to buy and allow fans to celebrate with him Packs Anniversary collection.

Players can find this type of shop Blizzard Packs Is necessary, Heroic And Epic Including De Nombrex Ornamentation Cosmetics World of Victor, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Diablo III, Starcraft II, Starcraft: Storm’s Remastered at Heroes, Here is the list of digital content:

Essential pack
Is $ 19,99
Veer Pack
Is $ 39,99
Epic pack
Is $ 59,99
15% Off On Blizzard Gear Store Purchase X X X
Portrait – Diablo III (coming soon) X X X
Mascot – Diablo III (Coming Soon) X X X
10 Mad Days in the Darkmoon Card Pack – Stove X X X
Tracer and his Renegade Mount VRV-03 – Heroes of the Storm X X X
5 Coffee – Overwatch X X X
30th Anniversary Player Icon and Tag – Overwatch (coming soon) X X X
30th Anniversary Portrait Pack – Starcraft II and Starcraft: Remastered X X X
Moon Touched Netherlands Whelp Mascot – World of Warcraft X X X
Monture Polaris – World of Warcraft X X
Legendary Model Raynhardt – Overwatch (Coming Soon) X X
Crazy Darkmoon Day Random Legendary Card – Heartstone X X
Feathers – Diablo III (Coming Soon) X X
Transmog Pack – Diablo III (Coming Soon) X
30 days game time – world of war X
5 Crazy Darkmoon Day Golden Card Pack – Stove X
3 Golden Chest – Overwatch X

The studio specifies thatOnly one purchase per account is possible Blizzard, That restrictions may apply Gear Store Depends on your country, whether frame and mascot Wow But not available Wow classic, That model, pictures and tagsOverwatch Commodities will arrive before February 18 Diablo III Will be unlocked before 28 February and that Hots Will arrive before 31 May. Also, objects of Diablo III Only available on PC and Mac, and you must have linked your account Blizzard To use the templateOverwatch At peace. Eventually, Blizzard Indicates switch to pack Heroic or Epic Does not allow you to get items you’ve already unlocked with the pack Is necessary, And if you already have Tracer Is in Hots, You cannot get it the second time.

If these packs are of interest to you, they can be found on the website Blizzard By the first of September. As a reminder, the studio will hold BlizzConline You can get a gift card on February 19 and 20, 2021 Blizzard From 20 € Amazon.

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