Blackbeard and the Sparrow on the cover of “La Hulotte”

Being a worm hunter cannot be improved. In the case of the blackbird, a bird very easily seen in our countryside, no less than three years of training is required to perfect the skill… or beak. Birds can also be clever in their behavior, as we learn from reading the new issue of the magazine.”la hulotte“:A sudden blackbird while squeezing a piece of worm in its beak” “Pretends to pull a little less hard. For a moment the earthworm thinks it has escaped, and it immediately tries to take advantage of this unexpected relief and sink a little lower into the ground”,

Watch for the moment the airbag deflates!

But to be able to look beautiful, the worm must deflate a little “airbag”, i.e “Its a small number of rings which together form a large bead bound firmly between the walls” From its underground gallery. This is the defining moment Blackbeard has been waiting for: “He pulls fast, like an angler, and sends the annelid swirling through the air.” Before, apparently, to swallow it… Gloups!

Two points per year for “La Hulotte”

After reading this issuela hulotte“, which makes a 360° tour of the blackbird – but also of the sparrow – none of the aspects of the habits and customs of these birds will be foreign to you. Fly, yes, but UFOs, not at all!’ To qualify This is the review”la hulotte“. Accessible only by subscription, it is a delightful quirk in the world of popular science. The small magazine, which publishes two issues per year, is created by natural history enthusiasts. It delights with the accuracy of its texts. ( in which scientists collaborate) and the rigor of their drawings. sylvain and sylvette , Undoubtedly, but beautiful, above all. for long life”la hulotte,

,la hulotte,, Sold by subscription, 34 euros for 6 issues. Also see their website for more information.

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