Black Panther POI Fortenite: Panther’s Prole Landmark Map

Black Panther POI Fortenite: Panther's Prole Landmark Map

We have another Fortnit Chapter 2 season 4 map change. Today’s change introduces the Black Panther’s ‘Panther Prole’ fortnightly landmark position.

Fortnite season 2 only launched on Thursday and we already have two small updates to the Fortnite map. We’ve added two Marvel-themed locations without the need to update the game, and we’ll get some more before we have to release the fifth one next Thursday.

The first new Marvel Location Trotsky Transport Truck is named after the landmark that gives the location what it holds, a transport truck. It is located to the northwest of Doom’s domain and will have a few chests tied at Poi.


Yesterday (August 31) the second position was added to Ant Manor. The bowl has a dog house, some toys and a few book spans. Here’s an instant view of the newly added Marvel POI’s largest of ants’ monograms as accessible at the bottom of the location:

Fortnit of the ant's mind
Fortnit of the ant’s mind

Black Panther has a new position with ‘Panther Prole’.

Black Panther ‘Panther Prole’ Fortanite Location

These new Marvel-themed landmarks, added this season, have been leaked by data-miners ahead of time. They already knew the four locations that would be added to the map with the exact locations.

Black Panther ‘Panther Prole’ is the third position to add the fortnight position and there is one left in it. We’ll get more locations after that, but they’re not currently in the game files, so they’ll be added after the next big patch update.

The panther prole is found on the west side of the Misty Meadows and contains a giant panther statue that can be seen a mile away. Apart from these, there is not much of a position different from the music you will hear in the position you are in. There are 2 or 3 chest spans, one in the face of the panther statue and one in front of it at the end of the panther prole. Check out the location of the Fortnite Black Panther here:

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Black Panther Fortnight location
Black Panther Fortnight location

Perhaps the skin of the Black Panther and the mythical chambers for the Black Panther have already been confirmed, you can read more about that Here.

We’ve uploaded a YouTube video that gives you an instant look at the entire Panther’s Prole Black Panther Fortnite location. You can check it out by clicking below.

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