Black Lives Matter organizes protests in the US and worldwide: Live updates

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A Black Lives Matter mural begins to take shape on the so-called East Pine Avenue
A Black Lives Matter mural begins to take shape on East Pine Avenue in the “Capitol Hill Autonomous District” in Seattle, Washington on June 10. David Ryder / Getty Images

Ongoing protests in Seattle are the city’s mayor, Donald Trump, and Washington Gov, both Democrats. Jay Inslee started a Twitter lineup.

What is happening?

Seattle Police Chief Deanna Nollette a group of protesters said they set up roadblocks and received “some armed people who managed them as checkpoints” in the eastern region of Capitol Hill.

CNN member KOMO reported that protesters surrounded the area with barricades and called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Region. Police abandoned the East District building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, got on but left empty. Officers only answer emergency calls.

“While it has a constitutional right to carry weapons and Washington is an open transport state, there is no legal right to use these weapons to scare community members,” Nollette said at a press conference Wednesday. Said. “No one at these checkpoints has the legal authority to request identification from anyone.”

However, Nollette said, “We are trying to establish a dialogue to cooperate, cooperate and try to proceed peacefully.”

“We are trying to find a way to solve this without unduly affecting citizens and businesses operating in this field,” he said. “We do not want the important message about improving the relationship between justice and policing and improving race equality, to be overwhelmed by this small group.”

Who is organizing?

This is uncertain right now. Nollette said the police are trying to find a contact point for dialogue.

Despite online rumors, Seattle officials say there are no indications that the occupied area is coordinated by left-wing activist groups under the Antifa umbrella.

“City officials did not interact with the” armed antifatants “on this site, but they will continue to be on the field to closely monitor the situation,” said the mayor’s office and Lori Patrick to CNN.

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What did Trump say?

Trump claimed that “domestic terrorists have taken over Seattle” and “are ruled by the Radical Left Democrats”. In another tweet, Mayor Durken and Gov. He said that Inslee should “take back” their city and “these ugly Anarchists should bend IMMEDIATELY”.

How did Durken and Inslee react?

Durken responded by telling Trump “to return to your shelter”. The U.S. Secret Service carried it to the safe, underground section of the White House during last month’s protests.

Inslee told him to “stop tweeting”

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