‘Black life matters’: Facebook, Netflix and Peloton take a stand because protests sweep America

“We stand by the black community,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook post Late Sunday, adding Silicon Valley technology firm to a growing list of companies responding to protests with racism condemnation, calling for a solution to the growing dispute in the country and promising to address diversity and inclusion in their business.
Zuckerberg added that Facebook needs to do more to keep people safe and avoid recommending bias in this way. faced with review on how protests address online discussion.

“I know $ 10 million can’t fix it,” he said.

Shows were held In the United States for almost a week after a former Minneapolis police officer was seen kneeling on George Floyd’s neck in a video. Officer, Derek Chauvin was fired after the incident.
There is chauvin since accused but protesters have a stronger punishment and three other police officers involved.

Many say that Floyd’s passage emphasizes African Americans uneven treatment across the country.

Some of the protesters have become violent in the past few days, and demonstrators have begun to fire and loot local businesses. As an answer, at least 40 cities with protesters announced the curfews, pleading to go home.
Demonstrators gather near the White House on Sunday.

Facebook should ‘do more’

In his post, Zuckerberg said that with him, they have supported organizations that have been working against prejudice in Priscilla’s criminal justice system for years, and have committed approximately $ 40 million annually.

But he also said the company should do more.

“I know that Facebook has to do more to assist in this fight, through our platforms to support the equality and security of the black community.” because we all had to see this. ”

“But it is clear that Facebook has more work to keep people safe and ensure that our systems do not increase bias,” he said.

Trump and Zuckerberg spoke on the phone on Friday
unlike excitement (TWT’s), For example, Facebook (FBI) He has not affixed any warning labels that would lead to “fire” that President Donald Trump faced the threat of “looting” in Minneapolis. Zuckerberg said his company “reads as a warning about state action and people should know if the government is planning to distribute power”.
Meanwhile, Twitter recently launched the slogan “#BlackLivesMatter” official biographyand presented a list of accounts on Sunday to let users hear more from “marginalized groups.”
“Diversify your feed” chirp. The company earlier this year pawned the underrepresented minorities make up a quarter of the US workforce by 2025.

Companies join the choir of voices that promise ‘black life is important’

Other companies have also promised to speed up the issue by responding to unrest.

Beginning of fitness the peloton (PTO) He announced on Sunday that he will donate $ 500,000 to NAACP’s legal defense fund as a way to support black communities. NAACP or the National Colorful People Development Association is an important civil rights organization in the United States.

“Black life is important,” said Peloton CEO John Foley. “This week, what is clear to me is that we need to make this an anti-racist organization,” he said.

On Friday, Nike (NKE) reversed the iconic slogan “Just Do It” online video, “Don’t do it once.”

He read the message, “Don’t pretend there’s no problem in America.” “Do not turn your back on racism. Do not accept innocent lives taken from us. Do not make any more excuses. Do not think that this does not affect you. Do not sit back and keep quiet.”

Netflix (NFLX) and Disney (TOOTH) he repeated this feeling.
“To be silent is to be an accomplice,” Netflix tweeted Sunday. “It is important for black to live. We have a platform and we have our black members, employees, creators and our ability to speak.”
In a note for employees, Disney president, CEO and diversity officer promised to stand up efforts to include, “ensure that we promote a culture that recognizes the feelings and suffering of our people.”
“Although these devastating events are not new, there is something unique about what is happening right now,” said Bob Iger, Bob Chapek and Latondra Newton. Wrote. “The epidemic, combined with these recent injustices, raised matters of racial inequality.”
sudden (SNAP) CEO Evan Spiegel told his employees in a note that “he was broken and angry because of the treatment of black people and color people in America.”

In a letter to CNN Business, he criticized racial and wealth inequality in the United States. He said the government should make larger companies pay more for taxes and create a “progressive income tax system” that calls for a “significantly higher” property tax.

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“Entrepreneurship depends on people taking a risk to start a business. It is almost impossible without a safety net like I have,” Spiegel said. Said.

He also proposed the Truth, Reconciliation and Compensation Commission, a non-partisan group that deals with racism and pays compensation.

“There is a lot to learn from those who have the courage to undertake a similar process following the brutality in the world, and we must create a process that reflects American values ​​and helps our nation make the necessary change and improvement,” he said.

Tim Cook, CEO apple (AAPL)He also shared his thoughts in a letter sent to employees confirmed to CNN Business. He said that he was heard from employees who felt “frightened” in their communities because of the recent events and that he created a “group” that helped combat racial injustice.

Cook said that Apple “always draws strength from our diversity, welcomes people from every walk of life to our stores around the world, and tries to build an Apple that covers everyone.”

He added that people may not want anything other than “returning to normality or just returning to a comfortable status quo if we save our gaze from injustice. But that” desire itself is a sign of privilege. “

Intel (INTC) CEO Bob Swan also called on his employees, saying, “The time Black lived.” The company is also pledging $ 1 million to donate to social organizations focused on social injustice.
“While racism may seem very different worldwide, one thing that doesn’t look different is that any kind of racism in Intel or our communities will not be tolerated.” Said Swan.
Levi (LEVI) Said monday On Instagram account He was donating $ 100,000 to ACLU. Verizon (DEA) He also announced that he donated a total of $ 10 million to various social justice organizations, including the National City Association and NAACP.

Not everyone’s comments were well received.

NFL was fiercely criticized after addressing Floyd’s deaths, Breonna taylor and Ahmaud Arbery Saturday.
Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement Statement “The reaction of the protesters to these events reflects the pain, anger and frustration that many of us feel,” he said.

“These tragedies report the NFL’s commitment and our ongoing efforts. It needs an urgent action,” he said.

Colin Kaepernick launches legal defense fund for protesters arrested in Minneapolis
Some critics are saying Goodell, making vain rapes, Colin Kaepernickformer NFL quarterback famous for protesting black N Americans – especially by police – before the games. Kaepernick no football team found Since 2017, we believe some of them stemmed from their political views.
Director Ava DuVernay “Embarrassing. It’s beyond being hollow + infamous” tweeted In response to NFL. “You have done nothing but the opposite of what you describe here.”

CNN Business’ Jordan Valinsky and S. Mitra Kalita contributed to this report.

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