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People with HIV can find relief. According to a publication carried out by the French media releaseIt is now possible for HIV carriers to replace their daily treatment with an injection that will be renewed every two months. The underlying source of treatment is a combination of two antiretrovirals, cabotegravir and rilpivirine.

Criteria for being eligible for treatment

We also remember that the injection has to be done in each buttock. The first session will be in the hospital before home prosecution with an approved health worker. However, the use of this product by AIDS patients must comply with certain conditions. For an HIV carrier to be eligible for this treatment, he or she must not be treated with certain antibiotics.

Patients whose viral load is under control for at least six months can also participate in this treatment. Six annual injections amount to 7,600 euros. However, the injection is not recommended for people who have experienced treatment failures and for those on anticoagulant therapy. As per the information reported by the media, pregnant women are not eligible for the injection.

eligibility for treatment

“Even today, many people hide their pills and fall prey to stigma. For the precarious who do not have a good living environment, this extremely simple treatment will allow them to keep even a pack of medicines for less.”, Understand Fred Bladeau,

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