Billionaire Dan Gertler promises ‘transparency’ after gift to Trump

We remember his famous video where he promised to share his earnings with his “Congolese brothers”. This happened two months earlier in November last year when Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler appeared to be making new resolutions to break with a long tradition of corruption and perceived unfair favor. Today, he returns with a letter-release promising more transparency in the future.

The letter seems like an admission as a regret. Or is it a communications operation whose timing is right, after benefiting from a last-minute gift offered by Donald Trump just before he left the White House. Indeed, Israeli billionaires, whose majority of business is in the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo, have been re-authorized to transact with US banks, for a substantial period of time. And it is the measure published with Trump’s departure after the day that he promises both “transparency and accountability”.

Either way, in granting him this favor under the Trump administration, the US Treasury did not fail to remind him that if he was subjected to the same suspicion of corruption and illegal practices, he would lose again. This license which allows it to be legally carried. International Fund Transfer.
“The license was issued on the basis of my commitment to the Office of the Control of Foreign Assets, Office of the Control of Foreign Assets (OFAC) to honor the terms and conditions set by this body and the law,” he said. Ongoing.

Apparently, this outing does not forbid everyone in the Congo, as his past does not work in his favor. Gertler is well aware of this and did not hesitate to pull all the stops to be credible. “From now on, transparency and accountability will be the foundation of our activity, and we will work hand-in-hand with all institutions responsible for ensuring respect for law, civil society and international organizations”.

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This billionaire, who is a huge boss of former President Joseph Kabila, clearly does not want to fall under the same restrictions that hit him since December 2017, blocking a good part of his business. Of course, the Trump administration has given him a year of relief, enough to complete all his transactions with what he wants and transfer his frozen money.

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