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Facing the harmful consequences of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment, Microsoft’s founders believe in an interview with ABC that its scarcity is the most important challenge to humanity. According to him, for now, only nuclear power is an option.

On Tuesday, February 16, on Australian channel ABC, Microsoft founder Bill Gates described the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 as the most significant challenge to humanity.

“It will be the toughest job for humanity so far because the physical economy – cement, steel, transport, agriculture – will have to be transformed in all these areas,” he said.

He believes that this can only be achieved with a focus on innovation being phased out with good policies globally.

Nuclear power, a solution?

Like replacing gasoline with electricity, Bill Gates wants to see the replacement of other high-emission energy sources.

“We need a miracle invention to make either battery, the battery is 20 times cheaper to be able to do this seasonal storage – so when you have a couple of weeks [solaires et éoliennes, ndlr] Not available, you can always keep everyone warm, ”he explains.

As another solution, the Microsoft co-founder has proposed “nuclear fission and fusion”, which alone can provide 25% of the required energy, “regardless of weather conditions”.

Will the public accept this solution?

He still hopes to see cheaper and safer nuclear power soon, but will be surprised if it is accepted.

“We’ll see. If this is the way to solve the climate change problem, can we get the public to accept it?” He asks.

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