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Rodrigue Farsi, the prefect of Hautes-Pyrénées, accompanied by representatives of the ARS and CPAM, went to Barbazan-debate on a back-to-back operation by the Vaccinebus team to launch a campaign that was going to Was. ,

According to officials from the Primary Health Insurance Fund, 17,388 residents of Haute-Pyrénées have not been vaccinated.

As part of the implementation of the Immunization Pass from Monday January 24, 2022, the prefecture and ARS have decided to work with CPAM to strengthen actions that allow these people to access vaccination.

2 devices are in place:

Vaccination equipment close to non-vaccinated people

Vaccinebus, which has already done more than 1550 vaccinations in the months of November and December, will redirect its movements towards areas where large numbers of non-vaccinated people live.

Like the operation carried out in Barabzan-Debat, Vaccines will go to the largest number of unvaccinated municipalities and CPAM will notify all illiterate people living near the location by text message or telephone call. Vaccine establishment. The information will be supplemented by the mayors of the municipalities concerned with the possibility of vaccination.

Since the start of Aller Versus Action, CPAM has made over 12,350 outgoing calls to offer appointments on Doctolib to its policyholders, especially C2S beneficiaries, over 75 policyholders, Department of Immunization => More than 760 appointments issued till date.

Hautes-Pyrénées Prefecture photo credit

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