Big success for Panathlon day – Echo di Savona

Panathlon Club Savona “Carlo Zanelli” has awarded some very successful Savona sporting realities such as Simply Danza, Fabio Incorvia and Carlo Cola.

“Here we reward the players and associations that give prestige to our province”, declared Panathlon Club President Enrico Rebagliati, “recalling the existence of the Charter of the Rights of the Boy in Sport in which the duties of parenting The Charter is included. Francesco Rossello, the new sports councilor of the Municipality of Savona, has important ideas in the sporting world and we wish him all the best.

Similar words from welfare councilor Riccardo Viaggi: “I bring the administration’s greetings by saying that the motto of the Panathlon is very important and the topic of young people in sport should not be neglected, but everyone should set a positive example. Me Days like this are very much liked because all sports are celebrated but above all Savona”.

“I bring the greetings of the Coni leaders”, says Antonio Misillo, the regional president of Coni Liguria, noting that the Panathlon has significant values ​​in its own right. The sport is 75 years old and its fame shows no sign of diminishing. and I take this opportunity to say that I have relinquished my office as Governor.”

“President Misillo is doing a good job of focusing a lot on Savona”, underlines the provincial representative of Connie Savona Roberto Pizzorno, “and in January 2022 there will be a normal state of sport with all federations; to quit sporting activities and volunteer. It is an excellent starting point to avoid the crisis. It is for the game, which has no political color, is a difficult time and must be helped by the governess; Each municipality has a Koni trustee who Works with local administrators. Paralympic athletes are to be treated like everyone else and with their activity they have rebelled against the crime that no one thought they could go to”.

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“Architectural constraints must be removed even in sports facilities, given the significant results of Paralympic champions”, highlighted Pino Corso, “and for this we all need to. I believe that with a Paralympic champion, one During the interview we should ask them about the results they have achieved, not their disability.”

“Dancing is sport”, recalls a representative of Simple Dance, “and sport dance uses the body and mind and we are convinced that everyone can practice it”.

“This award is dedicated to the champions, their families, the Golden Cross of Albisola Marina, the boys of Branco and all the volunteers who help me in the organization”, comments award winner Fabio Incorvia, “and the real show champions in these days are these. A game day for families is a wonderful message that boys are not misfortunes but champions and everyone gets cups, shirts and lunch completely free; sponsors help us and jet ski therapy is a unique event that takes place in Romania And also present in Bulgaria but will soon reach the United Kingdom and Thailand as well. I ask the municipal administration for help and all participating volunteers who contribute by donating money or doing something”.

“I am a diving instructor for children with disabilities”, claims Roberto Gersi, “and I am very proud of everyone I follow but I would like to remember Fabio Incorvia, one of the Azurri, Italy”.

“This recognition is very important to us because we do our business with many sacrifices and children with disabilities bring us great satisfaction”, continues Carlo Cola, honored as coach of Liguria Hockey Paralympic, “and our activities None of those involved pay anything even if the material cost is high. One thing we don’t like is that we have to pay VAT on the purchased material and we hope the government can change it Is.”

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“Savoni sport needs protection and certain situations must be evaluated; the position of the municipal administration is clear and we all help”, concluded President Rebagliati.

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