Big Data: A data science and cyberspace course will open in Vannes – Bretagne

Big data… The amount of data being transmitted over the Internet is enormous… Companies, communities, individuals, everyone use the same question keeping them in mind: how to secure this data, whether personal , Economic or scientific, and how to protect and exploit oneself. Increasingly large cyber attacks and ransomware. It is a response to the concern that Ensib de Denes is opening, early next school year, a course in data science and cyberspace. Engineers emerging from this will be able to build specific systems to secure this data, identify the vulnerabilities of complex digital systems, and detect the start of an attack such as targeting Renault in 2017 or what they are today Let’s target. 19 Kovid on …

Accessible after a batch +2

This three-year training course, which combines big data and cybercity, will open on 1 September 2021. This will be based on work-study through an apprenticeship contract with a company. It will be accessible with a batch +2 (computer scientist or statistician, for example a duet in computer science or STID) but also at the end of a preparation class (CPGE, PEI, Ensibs) or a license in mathematics and computer science With). Student engineer comes out with diploma + 5. Dating a job

It will soon be organized to connect students and companies, knowing that it will be necessary to obtain an apprenticeship contract to integrate this new course.

The first promotion will integrate 30 students under the supervision of Sala Saadou, Professor at Intibib, Director of Software Cybercity Specialty. Lour, the expert, is conducting the ramp-up of this new route. “There is a great need for companies in this field”, specify two linchpins of training. Business and also administration and communities, especially in the town hall.

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