Big Brother winner Jill: “I hoped I could stay longer than at home when I was in quarantine”

Yesterday it was time for the finals Elder brother. In addition, 22-year-old Jill emerged as the winner. The Dutch were chosen as the winner by the spectator and immediately gained 70,405.50 Euros. Shortly after his victory, he gave his last interview in Elder brother-House.

After 100 days it is over, the first new season of Elder brother. In the final, which was married by accidental voting websites, youngest finalist Jill was chosen as the winner. “I expected, but never expected,” she says after her victory.

“Stay in quarantine at home for a long time”

Jill’s ambitions were not as high at the beginning of her involvement. “When I came in, I thought, ‘I hope I stay home longer, because I was in quarantine.” Candidates had to apply for their participation Elder brother That is, stay in quarantine for two weeks. “And now I’m sitting here with my money as the winner. This is the best. “

Jill can hardly describe the sentiment as a winner. “I feel everything, I have no words for it. This is it. It is very beautiful, very good. this is incredible. I am very grateful for everything and everyone.

“Grow as a person”

Jill also leaves home as a different person. “I really saw it as an experiment. Many times I ran into myself. I have grown up from an insecure girl to where I am now. I think I have a strong position now. ”

But it was not always easy. “I didn’t even know I was so insecure. At one point I didn’t enjoy things at home. I saw everything as normal. Here I really realized: ‘What was I really thinking weird?’. I got those. Enjoy all the little things that exist. I will enjoy every little moment that comes… and eat a lot of egg cake. “

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