Big Brother Canada’s Martin Frenet returns to reality

After living the Big Brother Canada adventure for three months, Martin Frenet is enjoying a return to a slightly more normal life with his loved ones.

The Petit-Rocher resident was one of 16 Canadians who appeared on the 10th season of the popular reality show, and the first contestant of Acadian descent.

Even if he didn’t win the top honors and the $100,000 amount given to the winner, who is nicknamed Marty, says he will keep precious memories of his time on the show that completely changed his life. changed from

“Quiet not sooner, I’m resuming like normal life with family, even though it’s not going to be easy after being isolated for three months and completely cut off from the outside world,” said Mr. Frenet Said in an interview with AKD. ,

“It was still an extraordinary experience and quite an adventure,” said the man who resumed his job as a fraud investigator on Monday.

The 43-year-old father said that his long stay at the Big Brother house in the Toronto area allowed him to form close friendships with other contestants on the show aired on the Global Television Network.

“I spent two months at home with people who are now friends for life,” said the dean of the show, which ended a dozen days ago.

Even though he was eliminated in the eighth week of the broadcast and 50 days later spent in a custom-built home and under video surveillance, Martin Frenet did not return home empty-handed.

She won $10,000 after a popular vote by the audience, who named her their favorite contestant in the Big Brother house.

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The change in the show has definitely changed the daily life of the man who suddenly gained huge notoriety.

It should be noted that the ratings of Big Brother usually exceed 1 million viewers in the country.

“It’s kind of insanity… While walking the streets of Toronto, I was being stopped by people who wanted to take a picture with me. I’ve got travel across Canada, the United States, and even the United States.” Hundreds of written messages are received every day from places like the Kingdom and the Netherlands,” said Martin Frenet, whose return home was immediately marked by a COVID-19 infection.

“It allowed me to be at home with my family, it was a blessing in disguise.”

Fans of the show and Martin Frenet can meet him at an event in Beresford on May 28.

The gathering will be held at the Knights of Columbus Hall between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. A similar event may soon be held in the Moncton area.

Kevin Jacobs, a Toronto engineer, is the winner of the 10th season of Big Brother. The winner took home $100,000, a $10,000 wardrobe courtesy of the winners, and a travel experience from Expedia.

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