Biden’s victory is limited to finalizing election results on six battlefields

Wisconsin has confirmed Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump after the president promised to fight the election results in court.

All six battlefield states have now finalized the results of their presidential election, cementing Mr Biden’s status as the expected president-elect.

The Wisconsin Election Commission determined Mr. Biden’s victory by about 20,700 votes a day after completing a partial count, and hours after Arizona also proved its result in favor of Democrats.

Mr Trump has vowed to sue for reversing the results by trying to disqualify up to 236,000 ballots, saying the Wisconsin count was not about finding those who voted illegally.

There is a five-day window for renewing or recounting or filing a legal challenge as a result of the Trump campaign, which the Election Commission identified as a “determination” rather than a “certificate.”

Republican commissioners wanted to delay the finalization of the Trump campaign until a lawsuit was filed, but Democrat Charoman Ann Jacobs said there was a need to be determined before the lawsuit could begin.

Republican Commissioner Bob Spindle said there would be no final certification until the case was over.

Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania have all finalized their results to declare Mr. Biden the winner in the swing state.

Arizona State Secretary Katie Hobbs confirmed the results on behalf of Mr. Biden on Monday, with Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, re-hearing allegations of voting irregularities in the state in Phoenix.

At the Arizona hearing, Mr. Giuliani called on Republican state legislators to ignore the state’s popular vote and choose their own voters to vote for Mr. Trump.

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