Biden’s state of epidemic in America

Joe Biden took over the reins of an America this week devastated by Kovid-19, with more than 400,000 dead.

Evaluation, vaccination, change: some key figures on the state of health of the country, which he is beginning to lead.

– 3,000 counties –

Nearly a year after the first case of Kovid-19 was announced in the United States, the virus has now reached each of 3,000 US counties, infecting more than 24 million people.

After reaching the peak of the epidemic on January 12, the weekly average of new cases has begun to decline, according to data from the Kovid Tracking Project.

Death toll is the same trajectory.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, the United States’ leading federal public health agency, now expects between 465,000 and 508,000 Americans to die from Kovid-19 by February 13.

– Variants –

But their predictive models are based on a series of assumptions, which may change as the outbreak of various forms of the virus.

The Center for Disease Prevention and Control predicts that the British version may become the main one to roam the country by March, causing infection again.

South African and Brazilian variants, considered highly communicable, have not yet been observed in the United States, but may be due to US deficiencies in monitoring these genomes.

The South African version, of which it is not yet known how it reacts to vaccines, is of greatest concern.

-L Plan de Biden-

In this context, Joe Biden described the fight against the epidemic as the most urgent priority of his mandate.

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His administration on Thursday unveiled a detailed roadmap focusing on scientific expertise to fight against Kovid-19 by increasing vaccination and screening.

She also wants to seek 1.9 trillion funds from Congress, including 20 billion for vaccines and 50 billion for trials.

Democrats have promised to inject 100 million doses of the coronovirus vaccine in the first 100 days of their term.

To do this, it would be based on a law that would authorize the Defense Production Act to force private companies to produce certain goods in an emergency.

The country is also hopeful of authorizing new vaccines in the coming weeks, including Johnson & Johnson, which require only one dose.

As of Wednesday, 16.5 million Americans had received at least one dose of the vaccine.

– Priority to science –

Many epidemiologists praised Joe Biden for his evidence-focused approach, a stark contrast to what he called his predecessor. And the international community breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday, when Washington vowed to rejoin the WHO, having the opposite view of outgoing President Donald Trump.

The future director of the Center for Prevention and Fighting Diseases, Rochelle Wallensky ordered to study all current instructions on Kovid-19.

“As of the first day of the Biden administration, there is already a national outlook on vaccination, testing, equipment stock and worker safety. If only we had it months ago,” Lina reported. Wayne, Professor of Public Health at George Washington University.

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