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Health officials across the country have been informed that they should expect a coronavirus vaccine for health workers in high-risk groups by November, and the Trump administration is asking states to speed up approval of vaccine distribution sites before the November election.

The New York Times reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has informed health officials that “levels of the Covid-19 vaccine could be found by early 2020,” according to the New York Times.

Meanwhile, CDC director Robert Redfield wrote a letter to state governors asking them to prepare their distribution sites. “The CDC has requested your immediate assistance in expedited applications for these distribution benefits, and if necessary consider the waiver requirements that may prevent these benefits from becoming fully effective by November 1, 2020,” McClatchy said.

The ambitious timeline, which calls for officials to be ready for the arrival of the vaccine just in time for the November election, has raised concerns that the Trump administration has politicized the vaccine development process and is trying to get a vaccine out before presidential election day.

The government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr Anthony Fawcett, said he was “cautiously optimistic” about a vaccine later this year, but added that he would not be “satisfied” to release a vaccine if we did not know it was “safe and effective”. .

But Trump is playing with confidence that a vaccine will be available soon. After informing health officials about the CDC’s potential last week, Trump told supporters during his Republican National Conference speech, “We’re providing life-saving treatments, and will develop a vaccine before the end of the year, or sooner.”

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Health workers, national security personnel and other high-risk groups will receive the vaccine in the first phase, as directed by the CDC.

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