Biden, the oldest president of the United States, celebrates his 79th birthday

Biden, the oldest president of the United States, celebrates his 79th birthday


US President Joe Biden, the oldest in office, celebrated his 79th birthday with his family on Saturday, a day after a medical check-up deemed him “fit” to lead the United States.

The Democratic president is spending his birthday weekend in his stronghold of Wilmington, 170 km from the capital Washington. There is no public program on his agenda.

“Happy birthday my friend, my brother,” Barack Obama congratulated him on Twitter, of whom Joe Biden was vice president for eight years.

“America is grateful for your compassion, your decency, your love for the nation, as well as your leadership and your ambition,” underlined the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who is two years her senior.

On the eve of his birthday, Joe Biden presented for a health check-up, during which he was deemed “fit” to carry out his duties as president, according to his doctor. The exam included a colonoscopy under anesthesia, during which she briefly transferred her powers to Vice President Kamala Harris, who became the first woman in American history to run for the presidency.

Joe Biden has already publicly stated that he plans to run again in 2024.

But some supporters of Donald Trump, even in his seventies, leave no chance to publicly question his physical health and his frankness, more or less roundabout.

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