Biden still hasn’t clarified his position on Western Sahara

US President Joe Biden’s administration has still not clarified its position on Western Sahara and said it is consulting with the international actors involved to decide “the best way forward”.

When asked by a State Department spokesman if he could clarify Biden’s position on Sahara West following the announcement by President Saadin of the Moroccan government, he said, “We are consulting the parties on the best course of action and We have nothing more to announce.” Otmani.

In particular, this Sunday, Ottomani said that part of the military exercise between Morocco and the United States, which is known as “African Lion 21″ and is one of the largest on the African continent, for the first time ” in Western Sahara”. From 7 June.

Asked by Efe, officials did not comment on these maneuvers and their importance in Biden’s deliberation process.

So far, the Biden administration has declined to say whether it will uphold his predecessor Donald Trump’s deal. Under his government, Washington recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara in exchange for normalizing relations with Israel.

The official line of administration is that “no decision has been taken”. He also pointed out that Washington’s policy in the region is being reviewed, as it has done with North Korea and Cuba., May 31, 2021

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