The program to defund Donald Trump’s administration’s measures by his successor Joe Biden continues in the United States and now affects an unpopular measure taken by the previous White House tenant against students from 38 African countries.

Indeed, Donald Trump had decided to set the visa period for foreign students, mostly from African countries, to only two years. However, Joe Biden’s administration, which launched a consultation as soon as the US President was elected, decided to scrap the measure, which was rejected by 99% of the 32,000 people who voiced their opinion.
In a memo issued in early July, the US administration states that “the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) received more than 32,000 comments during the prescribed 30-day period. More than 99% of commentators opposed the proposed rule, and several The votes specifically called for DHS to withdraw the proposed regulatory proposal for notice (NPRM). Less than one percent expressed support for the proposed rule, claiming it would prevent illegal immigration from US workers. will protect.
Therefore, this Trump rule that was supposed to cause difficulties for students from 38 countries on the continent will be completely withdrawn before it is passed and implemented into law. Because, if this is implemented, it would require that the approximately 40,000 African students concerned may apply for a renewable two-year period of only two years, following a binding investigation by DHS. These poor students were then exposed to outright expulsion if the investigation was inconclusive.