Biden publishes Trump campaigns staff diversity data

Thirty-five percent of Joe Biden’s full-time staff are colored people, a Biden campaign told CNN. Both senior staff and full-time staff, 53% of women are full-time staff and 58% of senior staff are mostly women, to be identified as women. CNN said five percent of staff chose not to specify.

The newly released data do not show a complete breakdown of employees based on race and ethnicity.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign announced some issues on Saturday.

A spokesperson from CNN to Donald Judd, 52% of the campaign’s full-time employees are women, senior staff is 56% women and 25% are color. The spokesman said that there is no dispersion of color people among full-time staff.

Alida Garcia, co-founder of Inclusv, the diversity in the policy group, told CNN that the company “excited” Biden’s campaign “took this first step towards transparency towards transparency,” before he released the numbers of the Trump campaign. “

“We are optimistic that they can even surpass their number in Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” Garcia said. Said.

Assistant staff include department heads, senior consultants, campaign assistants, and senior consultants who spend most of their time on the campaign, and others. Aide states that the campaign is still hiring and expects to continue to add key leaders throughout the campaign.

The publication of the data comes after Biden’s suppression of the diversity of his senior staff during a city hall that influenced the Asian municipality and Pacific Islander communities and focused on raising national speech on racial justice and inclusion.

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Biden confirmed that he was a question-soldier and directed his staff to publish diversity data after the event.

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“When we have finished this meeting, we will publish the diversity data today. We will call you and the point is that we have a wide variety of staff and top positions,” he said.

Garcia told CNN he had been working on building a diverse team with Inclusv’s Biden campaign for months, and previewed that they would work together to organize seminars and events for colorful people who want to join the campaign in the coming weeks.

Pointing to the lack of specificity in the disclosed data, Garcia said, “It is crucial for each community to better understand where they stand within the organization, as well as for the organization to reflect on itself, to make sure they form teams. “

“At the very least, we believe that democratic campaigns should reflect voters who make up their votes on the roads of victory.” Said.

Biden often asked the voters how to become an inclusive president, saying “look at the container”, stating the diversity of his team on the campaign trail. He also promised to have a variety of “America-like” administration for a long time, but his campaign would not provide diversity data to BuzzFeed News when asked recently.

In response to the specific question asked about Asian-American and Pacific Islander representation during the town hall on Saturday, Biden said the campaign included the chief financial officer, chief operating officer, national voter protection director, digital chief of the campaign’s senior leaders. staff, digital partnerships manager and deputy manager.

This story has been updated to include the diversity numbers of the Trump campaign.

CORRECTION: This story is Inclusv.

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