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Since assuming office, the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, has continued to sign for the purpose of managing health and economic crises in an emergency situation and, at the most, defeated the action of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The appointment of three conservative justices to the Supreme Court and passed laws in 2017 are the only decisions in President Trump’s term that cannot change his Democratic successor. As a rest, a simple decree from Joe Biden could spell the end. It is also the way the billionaire moved forward with what his predecessor Barack Obama did.

In any case, people close to the new US head of state claim that Biden is signing to erase Donald Trump’s legacy. Brian Desse, an economic adviser to the new administration, revealed on Friday that Joe Biden’s priority is through the $ 1.9 billion Kovid-19 Emergency Assistance Plan, but that it was not possible to wait for Congress to govern at some point, Such as an increase in the minimum wage for federal employees, so as to avoid an economic crisis in the country.

In his first two days as President of the United States, Biden initiated 30 executive orders, 14 of which quickly overturned actions by Donald Trump.

By way of illustration, the first world power has reinstated the Paris Agreement on Climate, citizens of Muslim-majority countries who were banned under Trump can once again reach the territory of the United States, and Washington will continue to support WHO financially.

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