Biden flew to Britain, first stop on European tour

US President Joe Biden flew to the United Kingdom on Wednesday morning, the first stop on his European tour, where he will attend the G7 summit ahead of his long-awaited first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Potin in Geneva.

Joe Biden’s plan to rein in China’s ambitions

Warning to Russia and China

Before Air Force One’s takeoff, Joe Biden assured on the tarmac that he was going to tell “Putin and China clearly that the United States and Europe (were) unitedStill on the tarmac at Andrews Military Base in the suburbs of Washington, the US president said he planned to unveil a global vaccine strategy soon.

The first leg of his visit to Great Britain will be an opportunity to look at the thorny issue of a free trade agreement with the island above all. Tensions around Northern Ireland should be on the menu of discussions between US President Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, who meet under the British presidency in Cornwall (England to the southwest) on Thursday evening ahead of a summit of G7 heads of state and government . Joe Biden warned that the lack of a solution could jeopardize the chances of the success of the free trade agreement between the two countries, which Boris Johnson has been eagerly seeking. On Sunday, Joe Biden will visit Windsor Castle, the home of Queen Elizabeth II, who has reigned for 69 years.

see all – Cyber ​​attacks will be discussed during the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutin at Geneva Joe

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reconnect with europe

«My trip to Europe is an opportunity for America to organize democracies around the world.“, assuring the one who has insisted since coming to power that the United States is back (“America is back”) and intend to be fully involved in world affairs.

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