Biden criticized Trump’s campaign while visiting the family’s grave

Joe Biden visits family grave in Wilmington, Delaware

A Trump employee has gone on fire to mock Joe Biden after visiting former Vice President Delaware on Sunday.

Francis Brennan, 77, director of publicity for Trump’s strategic response, was seen criticizing Mr Biden for not speaking to the media when he visited the Brandwin Church in Wilmington, where he is survived by his late son’s wife, first wife Nilia and daughter Naomi. Embedded.

Mr Brennan jokingly wrote in a message on Twitter on Sunday evening: “Reporter: ‘Mr Vice President, talk to us.’ Joe Biden just walks into the cemetery, “next to a video of Mr. Biden crossing the cemetery, where the Democratic presidential candidate is seen waiting for camera crews.

Veteran Iraqi wife Biden and former Delaware attorney general died in 2015 at the age of 4 from brain cancer. Nilia and Naomi Biden died in a car accident in 1972.

A number of high-profile figures criticized Mr. Brennan in the remarks, which came just days after accusing the president of “defeating” and “winning” Americans who died in the war – claiming he denied it.

“It’s a cemetery. Where his son is buried. Are you human?” California Democrat Eric Swalwell tweeted.

American actress Mia Farrow says: “Joe Biden went to his son’s grave. You’re not even human.”

“It’s mocking Joe Biden, director of strategic response to the Trump campaign, for walking to the cemetery, where Donald Trump spent his day on the golf course,” Democrat chairman Andrew Weinstein wrote to the bar.

Media reports on Friday said he disrespected fallen elders, with critics saying, “He was defensive all weekend.

A report Atlantic The president complained that in 2018 to reduce a possible visit to the American military cemetery in France, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s full of losers

The president said Friday night that John Kelly, his former chief of staff, could be a source of such claims, which could hurt Trump’s November re-election campaign bid.

During a White House press briefing, Mr. Trump was asked what he thought Mr. Kelly, who served as a Marine general, was one of the unnamed sources cited in the article.

“It could be a guy like John Kelly. You see at some of his press conferences, what happened to him, he ate alive,” he said. “He couldn’t handle the pressure of this job.”

Democrats and Republicans somehow spread the word. Former Republican defense secretary Chuck Hagel told ABC’s “This Week” that the comments were “trivial” if true.

Mr Hegel said the reports were “credible” because they were consistent with previous public statements that Trump had insulted military personnel, including former US Secretary of Defense James Mattis and US Senator John McCain.

Additional reporting by Reuters

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