Biden announces worldwide shipment of vaccines, tackles Moscow and Beijing

US President Joe Biden announced on Monday 17 May sending 20 million additional doses of Kovid-19 vaccines to third countries, insisting that the United States’ approach was different from China and the United States. Russia.

Criticized for the delay in sharing its vaccines, the United States assured that the pace would now be significantly accelerated.

“Today, I am announcing that we will share the dose Moderna, Pfizer at Johnson & Johnson Along with the rest of the world, ”the White House tenant announced, referring to the three vaccines that have been green-lit by US health officials to date.

this ad Brings the total number to 80 million The doses of vaccines promised by the world’s major power since the onset of the epidemic.

Joe Biden insisted, “It would make more vaccines than any country shared, by assuring Beijing and Moscow to abstain from the” vaccine diplomacy “used by them. Giving said

“There is a lot of talk about Russia and China using vaccines as a way to increase their influence worldwide,” he continued. “We want to set an example with our values ​​(…) we will not use our vaccines to obtain concessions from other countries”.

If he insisted that doing so was the “right thing”, the 46th US President also put forward the well-thought-out interest of the United States. “We know that the US will not be completely safe unless the epidemic is under global control,” he said, citing the possibility of the presence of new forms in particular.

Joe Biden specifically showed his desire to operate within the international Kovacs system, which should allow at least developed countries access to precious supplements.

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“Propaganda” and “manipulation”

The announcement of the White House for NGO One boss Tom Hart is “a welcome step” in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go.

“If vaccination is accelerating in rich countries, people living in low-income countries are given less than 1% doses of Kovid-19 vaccines,” he said.

Asked which countries would benefit from these American vaccines, White House spokesman Jane Saki continued to defer, promising only details. award criteria ” In next day«.

Washington has promised to provide 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to other countries, but AstraZeneca has not yet received approval from US health officials and therefore has not begun shipment.

In late April, the European Union strongly condemned Moscow and Beijing’s attitude on the issue.

“Vaccine Diplomacy” efforts by both countries go hand in hand Propaganda and of Manipulations With the aim of reducing trust in vaccines manufactured in the West, ”she alleged in a report.

Taking stock of the situation in the United States, Joe Biden also welcomed the spectacular improvements recorded in recent weeks.

“The fight against this virus is not over (…) but every day the lights at the end of the tunnel light up”, he insisted.

“For the first time since the onset of the epidemic, there are fewer cases of covid in all 50 states,” he said, with 60% of US adults now receiving at least one injection.

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