Bibi Sharmeen Jugrit, Rising Star in Biopharmaceutical Science

Mauritius’s Bibi Sharmeen Jugrit receives her trophy

BB Sharmeen Jugrit is a doctoral candidate in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Mauritius, specializing in biochemical research methods. He is one of the few scientists to direct his research into the medicinal and cosmetic potential of oils in Africa.

“Finding solutions that benefit African populations through the promotion of processed natural products” is the inspiration of Bibi Sharmeen Jugrit, who specializes in biochemical research methods. She directs her scientific research into evaluating the medicinal and cosmetic potential of essential oils derived from medicinal plants from Mauritius for ethnotraditional use, using a multidisciplinary approach. “The promotion of locally processed natural products will give a new appeal to naturopathy and allow patients access to treatments. , She announces.

Winner of the “Women in Science 2021” Award

As a scientist, Bibi Sharmeen Jugrit is aware of her role in the fight against disease in Africa. She intends to develop a topical antimicrobial formulation with essential oils as natural antimicrobial agents to optimize their use in the effective management and treatment of skin infections. This approach may help diabetics and other people with weakened immune systems who frequently suffer skin infections.

Following advanced research in alternative and complementary medicine, as well as evaluation of natural phytochemical products derived from plants, they were ranked as 12. has been awardedI Edition of the “2021 Award for Women in Science”. The purpose of the award is to promote women scientists in Africa, to strengthen their visibility and representation in the science sector. Through this award, BB Sharmeen Jugrit benefits from support in the form of training in leadership, negotiation and communication that complements her academic career to carry out her scientific research.

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Connecting Women Scientists

In Africa, women researchers face many obstacles that slow their scientific progress. Apart from her commitment to biopharmaceutical science, Bibi Sharmeen Jugrit from Mauritius is also confident about the power of networking, strengthening communities and promoting platforms to empower and connect women scientists from different countries and different circles, The aim of which is to “enhance the gender balance”. Science and Enabling Women to Be Scientific Leaders” on the continent.

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