Bhad Bhabi responds to people criticizing her new look online

Bhad Bhabi has responded to those who have criticized a new genre chosen online in its own way. You can find out what he had to say about this by watching the video below.

At first, it’s worth pointing out that this look was a pretty theatrical debut for her, but the reviews she later received were often a bit mean and unfair.

The clip she shared, which sparked all the debate, saw her embrace a new TikTok trend surrounded by a bunch of Chanel bags.

Squeezing out the luxury goods, she pursed her lips: “Hey, I look like a family despot, but isn’t it funny how I make the most of money?

“Sit down, don’t look at me like that.”

She concluded, “And, the next time you want to open your mouth, close it.”

credit: Instagram

The video drew a lot of attention to Ms. Bhabi – real name Danielle Bregoli – and many have commented on how much she has changed over the years since she first caught public attention.

One person wrote on Instagram: “I’ve been seeing Cardi B a lot here.”

Another said: “She quickly went from 14 to 35”,

Obviously, Bregoli has to deal with more than her fair share of internet trolls commenting on her looks when she really doesn’t have the authority, but being no stranger to controversy herself, she wanted to fight back. . .

credit: Instagram
credit: Instagram

In a new video, she said: “You all failed the exam,

“Do you all want me to tell you what the test was?”

“With barely an outline, to see if you’ll still comment.

“And you did. So now I know, it’s not really about me… ‘She looks like this, she tries to look like this.’ “

credit: Instagram
credit: Instagram

She continued, “You want a famous person to answer you, that’s all,

“If you keep saying I had a banana on my head and said ‘No, I don’t have a banana on my head’ you will all say it over and over again, whether I have or not.

“You all will understand, I won, you lost.”

Well if people want to say what she does and how she looks then they can’t complain if they get any feedback from her.

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