Beware of Tiger Mosquitoes in Charente-Marine

After the rainy month of July, the Charente-Maritime Department and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Health Agency are intensifying their fight against tiger mosquitoes.

established in five municipalities

The first appearance of a tiger mosquito in the Charente-Maritime dates back to 2013. It was seen in a motorway rest area near St. Since then, It is located in Channiers, Nieull-sur-Mer, St. George d’Oleron and Périgny.

Officials are also keeping an eye on the municipalities La Rochelle, Saint-Georges-de-Diedon and Neuilac. Because if the tiger mosquito is not considered to be permanently established in these areas, it has been seen on several occasions in the past.

tiger mosquito menace

The tiger mosquito in itself does not present any danger. On the other hand, it can be a carrier of diseases when it bites someone who is already sick. For example, after returning from vacation in an at-risk area. Dengue is the most common infection.

In Charente-Maritime, the regional health agency opened three health surveys specifically for imported cases of dengue in the department. However, Indigenous cases have not been confirmed. In other words, sick patients reported being sick within two weeks. Hence all their contact cases can be contacted.

Fight against tiger mosquito intensifies

The Departmental Mosquito Control Service has 19 agents operating in the 91 communes of Charente-Maritime. He put more than a hundred traps there. The concept is simple: Place a bucket of water in a bush. Then immerse a piece of polystyrene inside.

Example of nets set up by agents of departmental mosquito control service © Radio France
Julian Morselli

The female then lays her eggs on a piece of polystyrene, then leaves. If they remain in contact with water, the eggs hatch. Except that polystyrene is a floating material. The eggs eventually come to the surface and thus prevent hatching. The officers come back every month to collect and burn the polystyrene.

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Other pitfalls include placing a piece of glue-covered plastic in a small bucket of water. They allow the female tiger to hatch before she lays eggs.

avoid water points

Tiger mosquitoes are small in size and black and white in colour. They are mainly present in humid environments. But unlike other mosquito species, which are attracted to large spaces such as marshes, tiger mosquitoes prefer smaller receptacles.

Mosquito larvae on a piece of polystyrene
Mosquito larvae on a piece of polystyrene © Radio France
Julian Morselli

Here is why you should avoid keeping pots full of water around your house: Bowls, bottle caps, flower skin cups, tarpaulins or even used tires.

a mosquito repellent application

From 2020, residents of Charente-Maritime can report cases of tiger mosquitoes through the Emoustique application. since last year, 40 reports have arrived. They make it possible to send an agent from the departmental mosquito control service to the site, who will then lay the trap.

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