Between the Republic and the Gold of the Desert, the Making of a Political Comedy

In the salon of the prefecture of Versailles, a local civil servant scolds Samir Gusemi. She criticizes the actor for relaxing in the prefect’s office, which is not open to the film crew. Sameer Gusmi, Jr. waiting to be called on the sets of under control, He is happy as well as disappointed by these warnings, to take on his role as the new foreign minister’s chief of staff. Like Harold, his character, a humanitarian veteran, finds himself under the Republic’s gold in the wake of his boss, Marie Tessier (Lee Drucker), the leader of a medical NGO, whom a President of the Republic worries about himself. Was. Image (Laurent Stocker).

“Under Control” is an unusual series in the French landscape.

The hardened officers point out with a bit of fatigue that in 2021 the neoclassical building hosted four shootings and refused three others. Built under the Second Empire at the initiative of a prefect, who was clearly more a monarchy than a republican character, the Prefecture of Versailles is often said to play the role of one of the great Parisian palaces. This December morning, the team of under control Call it to be both the Elysee and the Quai d’Orsay, an effort that would not be without results during the day.

Written by Charlie Delvaart, directed by Irwan Le Duc – who, to say the beginning, has worked for a long time World, in the sports department and editor in chief, before the success of his feature film debut in 2019, Porridge, It doesn’t completely return to his business as a filmmaker -, under control There is an unusual series in the French landscape. To sum it up, Charlie Delvert asks in the preface: “Do you know the work of Armando Iannucci?” The Scottish audience and director’s context sheds light on what is happening in the province of Versailles. Iannucci is at the core of two serial political comedies: its thick, in the UK, and Veep, In the United States, that, each in its own way, combines a very good knowledge of the mechanisms of power and a complete disregard for those who use it.

dose of tragedy

In France, when fiction is concerned with the subject, he does it in a more serious way – state exercise (2011), In Cinema, by Pierre Schoeller black baron, with the notable exception of – ric Benzacary and Jean-Baptiste Delafon, in favor of the series. Parliament, Noe Debre’s Outstanding European Poached for France Television. under control Raise the stake It is not only a question of staging a comedy of power but of injecting it with a dose of tragedy. Barely assigned to foreign affairs, Marie Tessier must manage to take hostage a group of European tourists in a Sahel country. Quickly faced with the constraints of the “Realpolitik”, she tries Machiavellianism, without success.

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