Between Brexit and Reconciliation, Migrant gets shock

In the United Kingdom, the double regrouping of Brexit has lowered the morale of the British. this is First country to do so One lakh vaccines distributed. We wish each other a happy new year by grinding their teeth, as it redeems in the middle of winter when it falls at 4 pm, it is disappointing.

Here in particular, The government had sold English a bright future By promising not one but two authorized vaccines. We lived in a leading country between vaccines and Brexit.

The British were already wary of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s enthusiasm, but this is indeed a hard blow, as does the attention of Marina, a French Frenchwoman: “It’s a hard blow for companies, all different.” At the same time, it was to be expected but there are many more patients, cases. I know we have to live anyway but it really is, There are boundaries that are close, families are separated. Between the two countries, we have never seen London like this ”.

Charlotte arrived in Oxford in late December to work in a pastry shop, she miscarried: “It’s morally complicated because we’re still closed, a little fed up, I don’t know if I will be able to hire immediately or they will be able to take me. “

British humor

This is a flight attendant’s test: If he panics in mid-flight, we’re in trouble. Now, the British are beginning to worry a little: they feel more in danger today than they did before the holidays. It should be said that the new strain and contamination figures are cold in the back. In the last week alone, the number of hospitals increased by a third.

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Although, it has not yet panicked on board, the English maintain their calm and their humor. On the social network, we can see pictures of Boris Johnson, aged and whispering to his general patron “just a little effort, we’ll be conquering this damn virus soon”, but we’re in 2035 or 2072. Luckily, if we’re in England don’t believe Boris Johnson, We trust the queen, and she promised that we would meet again.

As a reminder, people arriving from Great Britain to France must present a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours.

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