Beta publishes EFM sales for Berlin’s title “I’m Your Man”, “The Next Door”

Munich-based sales representative Beta Cinema has reported several deals on EFM’s list in Berlin, including the quick sale of its Berlin competition title, Maria Schrader. I am your man And Daniel Bruel Next house.

I am your manMarin Eggert won her first Silver Bear Award for Best Leading Role in Berlin last week and ran in France (How at Court), Italy (Coach Media), Spain, Portugal, Latin America (Sun), Scandinavia (Edge Entertainment), Switzerland She went. (Filmkopi), The Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States (Volgafilm), Poland (Monolith), Hungary (Serco Film), Czech Republic / Slovakia (Film Europe), The Forman Yugoslavia (Discovery Film), Turkey (Filmarty Film) , Israel (Nachshon) and Greece (Strada) Films, Taiwan (Swall Wings), Korea (Content Portal) and Hong Kong (EDKO Films).

The beta is in final talks with the US, Japan, China and the UK on the title.

The film tells the story of the relationship between Alma and Tom (Dan Stevens), a scientist at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, a beautiful humanoid robot that caters to all her needs. The film, written by Schrader and Jan Skomberg, is based on the short story by Emma Braslewski. Majestic will be showing it in German cinemas over the summer.

There have been many deals in the meantime as well. Next house. Closed areas include France (Eurozoom), Commonwealth of Independent States (Russian Report), Poland (Arora), Hungary (Serco Film), Czech Republic / Slovakia (Film Europe), former Yugoslavia (Discovery Film) and the Baltic States. (Kino Pavaris). The UK, Spain and Scandinavia are in final talks.

Bruhl makes his directorial debut and plays the lead role in the film about a Berlin film star, whose perfect life is not as accurate as it seems. His company is in co-production with Amusement Park Film and Warner Bros. Film Productions with Malt Grunert, Gretchenfilm and Irfetal Film.

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Other titles on the beta EFM list have also proved popular with buyers. Matt chambers Bicycle thief Searches were done for Beijing Hugoist Media for China, Beta Film for Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia for Taiwan and AV-Jet. At the beginning of the year a contract was signed with AFM following the signing in Great Britain. Further deals are being negotiated.

Rome com Maggie Perrin, meanwhile Hello again – Anniversary, France (ARP Selection), Spain (Alfa Pictures), Latin America (Great Movies), China (Red Apollo) and CIS / Ukraine (Capella).

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