Best universities in the world: No Moroccan institutions in top 1,000 of latest Shanghai rankings

By Amin Qadiri 08/15/2021 at 5:05 pm (Update 08/15/2021 at 5:48 pm)

Morocco is once again absent from the latest edition of the famous “Academic Ranking of World Universities”, known as the “Shanghai Ranking”. Egypt, Ethiopia, Tunisia and Nigeria are the only African countries on the list.


The prestigious “Academic Ranking of World Universities” (Academic Ranking of World Universities), developed each year by the independent firm ShanghaiRankings Consultancy, and published this Sunday, August 15, 2021, does not include any Moroccan establishments.

Other African countries manage to outperform Morocco and are among the top 1,000 universities in the world. This is the case of Egypt, which granted 400 . manages to rank amongI and 1000I Location. This is also the case in Ethiopia (Addis Abbabba University, top 800), Nigeria (University of Ibadan, top 1,000) and Tunisia (Al Manara University of Tunis, top 1,000).

In order to finally locate a Moroccan university, it is necessary to go to an annex classification, which is dedicated to the teaching of physics (8 classifications are made by discipline with the main classification). In this ranking, four Moroccan universities are listed: Mohammed 1 UniversityIs Oujda (top 300), and Rabat’s Mohammed V University, Casablanca’s Hassan II and Marrakech’s Cady Ayyad, all three ranked above 400.I Location.

Globally, Harvard 19. ranked first forI Year in a row, US universities still lead the 2021 edition of the Shanghai rankings. The first ten places, as of last year, are dominated by Anglo-Saxons with eight American universities and two British occupying the top 10 of this world ranking.

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The Shanghai rankings take into account six criteria, including the number of Nobel and Fields medals – considered Nobels in mathematics – among graduate students and professors, the number of top-cited researchers in their discipline, or the number of publications in journals. Science And nature.

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