Best settings for the circuit of F1 22, Silverstone, United Kingdom

Here is our guide to the best settings for your Formula 1 for the circuit of Silverstone, United Kingdom on the F1 22 set. Its purpose is to give you a set-up optimized for time trials, but also effective in races. Note that it is best to play behind the wheel to get the full potential of these settings, although it is possible to use them with a controller.

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F1 22 . Best Settings for Silverstone, UK

See our best settings for the circuit of Silverstone, United Kingdom here. Be careful though, these settings are optimized for time trials more than racing, so remember to modify the tire pressure slightly, for example.

Note that obviously the fuel level, it is recommended to play with the lowest fuel level to get the best possible timing. Thus, use minimum fuel by weight in time trial mode.

front spoiler rear spoiler
aerodynamic 24 25
differential acceleration gap recession
transfer 100% 57%
suspension geometry
front camera -3.00°
rear camera -1.50°
forward convergence 0.10°
forward convergence 0.23°
front suspension 1
rear suspension 2
front anti-roll bar 3
front anti-roll bar 1
Front Ground Clearance 2
rear ground clearance 4
brake pressure 100%
front brake balancing 50%
front right tire pressure 23.5 psi
front left tire pressure 23.5 psi
right rear tire pressure 22.3 PSI
left rear tire pressure 22.3 PSI

As mentioned above, these settings are to be used primarily for time trial mode or qualifying as you will be drawing the full potential of your F1 to the detriment of the tyres. In addition, our set-up is optimized for driving, although it is possible to use it with a controller.

So much for our guide on the best settings for the Silverstone circuit, United Kingdom on F1 22. You can find all the circuit settings as well as all the news of Formula 1 games on Gamosaurus.

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