Best Selling British TV Show Worldwide: To the Delight of the Queen’s Media Society

She gradually worried, Queen Elizabeth II had said a few years earlier, whether Midsummer’s – fictional – county was still resident in view of the high frequency of murders. The Queen is an obvious audience of “Inspector Barnaby” and is not really alone: ​​the series, which was launched by English television station ITV in the first quarter of 1997 and thus may celebrate its 25th anniversary in early 2022, is a Has become a long-running favorite, with an end apparently not (yet) in sight. “Inspector Barnaby” is one of the UK’s best-selling foreign TV shows worldwide – “Barnaby” has long been a cult following, and the series is an amazing phenomenon.

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The 22nd season is now produced and broadcast in Great Britain in autumn 2021, beginning in German-speaking countries with four new 90-minute films on 2 January, the birthday of lead actor Neil Dudgeon. A good coincidence Especially since the German-speaking region is one of the most grateful buyers with the most loyal “Barnaby” fans: if the episodes of the new season first air on ZDF every Sunday, the old episodes are repeated on ZDFneo on Mondays. – with a quota of up to three million, of which other broadcasters can only dream of, with other productions, especially after repeated repetitions.

[„Inspector Barnaby“, ZDF, Sonntag, um 22 Uhr 15[]
This unbroken success event should give a touch of credibility and support at a time when nothing is certain and change is followed by change, when credibility seems scarce and (here: British) tradition is a foreign term: when “inspector Barnaby” – in the original “Midsummer Murders” – with screen flicker, British understatement and the most absurdly quirky features, then not only is the wit, charm, and excitement provided with a cozy, relaxing tension. Above all, a feeling may arise: something is coming that you can still count on. And this credibility is embedded in a feel-good atmosphere and an atmosphere in which flowery sofas still stand by the fireplace and tea is served at five o’clock. For a precious hour and a half, “Inspector Barnaby” conveys a stillness that doesn’t exist in this increasingly volatile, unpredictable world.

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Even though everything is a bit retro, luckily there are still red telephone booths in the fictional midsummer, Inspector Barnaby goes by with a smartphone and time, forensic digital technology acquires evidence in the field with the latest forensic technology. It’s not like Inspector Barnaby’s series and character are from yesterday, he just reveals something that will eventually disappear altogether. In this respect, the “Barnaby” vision always makes clearly visible the social, historical and cultural turning points on which we stand. Depression and sadness are one side of the coin.

50. Fall Meets Neil Dudgeon

The new season, whose fourth film “The Scarecrow Murders” is actually the 130th and second Barnaby actor Neil Dudgeon’s 50th – after 81 films with original Barnaby actor John Nettles, who denied his wish after 14 years in 2011 – Opens with the well-titled episode “The Wolf Monster Was Little Worth”. Little Worth, one of several small towns in midsummer, and the only two attractions in Worth are the campsites being redesigned by operators to add glamour, wellness and esotericism, as well as a new internet cafe.” Hub”, which also features an exhibit on a regional myth, the so-called wolf monster. This mythical figure, rendered with a true stylized wolf head with pointed long metal claws, a walking stick with silver wolf claws and a muzzleloader with silver bullet, is now killing in midsummer and Little Worth is scaring.

wolf thunder sound

Whenever the wolf monster kills, he announces his actions by splashing a pair of glowing red wolf eyes on the door of the next victim. Naturally, this time the wolf howl is added to the atmospheric “Barnaby” soundtrack. DCI John Barnaby and his Assistant Sergeant Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix) have to stop the wolf monster, not least because “Barnaby” fan Queen Elizabeth worries that Midsummer won’t be a good day without the populace. Actually!

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