Best science documentaries for the month of December

Are you addicted to watching documentaries? On Amazon Prime Video, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for with over 1,500 documentaries currently available on the streaming platform. The Futura team has selected the best scientific documentaries for you to watch in the month of December, warm with blankets and hot chocolate in your living room.

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Now is the time to turn on your television and choose a documentary from our carefully selected list so you can have fun and learn important things. Having a good general knowledge is useful in many situations, expand your knowledge on interesting topics by watching documentaries! You will be ready to play petty chase to face your opponents and keep the odds in your favor to become the big winner.

Super Size Me

Super Size Me is a classic famous documentary, Morgan Spurlock decides to conduct an experiment under the supervision of several doctors, he will eat only Big Mac, Royal Cheese, Coke and Fries for a period of 30 days. What will be the effect of this special diet on his body? He would only consume food sold by McDonald’s. This 2004 cult documentary mixes humor and experimentation in an effort to understand why obesity and overweight problems are exploding in numbers. The director points to important social questions to which doctors, lawyers, canteen directors and street questioners try to answer the New Yorker’s microphone.

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heck, that cute killer

Cats are very cute and this is one of the reasons that makes us succumb to their every whim, but in reality they are also formidable predators that threaten the existence of many animal species. Present all over the world, the cat has retained its animal predatory instincts even when domesticated. Some ecosystems are becoming vulnerable, especially in Australia and New Caledonia. You will be mesmerized by this documentary that throws light on the problem of extinction of some species all over the world. Cats are known to be greedy and food-loving, which is at the root of the problem, they attack all sources of protein rations.

Screen generation: The sick generation?

Screens are ubiquitous in our daily lives, especially for teenagers and children, as they represent a challenge to the brain. Should we be careful with this? The latest scientific studies on this topic and the testimonies of experts and doctors in addiction science and neuroscience give us interesting information to know. Televisions, tablets, smartphones and game consoles have invaded our living space, what are the consequences? This documentary provides answers to their questions which may be more or less surprising, a film that deserves to be watched with the utmost care!


A major scientific discovery of the 20th century: the discovery of atoms. Presented by Jim Al-Khalili, Professor of Nuclear Physics at the University of Surrey in Great Britain, this nuclear physics documentary series shows how our quest to understand this tiny particle led us to uncover the mystery of the creation of the universe. ! You will discover how geniuses such as Albert Einstein and Werner Eisenberg enabled science to discover the immense importance it has for the world. We came to understand that everything is made of atoms, which fundamentally changed the way we view the world.

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Tomorrow, all fools?

Behavioral disorders, declining IQs and autism are on the rise: this survey uncovers and draws alarming conclusions on endocrine disruptions particularly affecting mental health. This documentary highlights an important topic on the effects of endocrine disruptors on brain and thyroid development. An underactive thyroid causes mental retardation and has other consequences. If we don’t do anything we will become more and more foolish, now is the time to change things. Human history would be hazy without famous people, geniuses, musicians, artists and mathematicians.

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