Best places to dream of winter holidays in the UK

Also the rise in infections in the UK and the rest of Europe this year makes international travel a potential complication if preventive quarantine and various restrictions are to be counted. However, don’t be discouraged: UK offers many beautiful places to enjoy winter holidays Unforgettable Here are the best destinations that will make you daydream!

1 – Cairngorms, Scozia

The Cairngorms is a mountain range in the Scottish Highlands. They are part of an idyllic national park that is perfect for long, relaxing walks among snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lakes. Hence, it is the ideal place to regenerate and breathe after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays.

2 – Cotswolds

It is a range of hills located in the central region of England. The villages where you can stay overnight are characterized by breathtaking panoramic views along with fairy tale and timeless architecture!

3 – bath

Bath is a spa town located in the South West England countryside known for its natural hot springs. In addition to its splendid Roman baths, the city boasts trendy bars, great wine bars, and an endless array of restaurants.

4 – Dartmoor, Devon

It is one of the most beautiful national parks in the UK as it has an amazingly wild landscape with all kinds of wildlife including ponies, koalas and otters. It is possible to indulge in not only leisure walks in the reserve but also various winter activities such as horse riding, cycling and water sports.

5 – Bracken Beacon

Brecon Beacon is one of three Welsh National Parks. In winters it offers breathtaking views due to its wild forests and snow-capped mountain ranges. In addition, the reserve is full of comfortable places to stay such as barns, lodges, and cottages.

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6 – York

York is a fortified city in northeastern England founded by the ancient Romans. It offers a great stay in any season thanks to its wonderful Tudor architecture, several exclusive markets, and various Harry Potter themed shops!

7 – Oxford

It is one of the most beautiful and decadent cities in the United Kingdom, thanks mainly to its sand-coloured buildings that date back to the 12th century. Apart from being one of the most prestigious universities in the world, it also boasts a very rich history to be discovered.

8 – Durham

It is a picturesque, historic town with a medieval atmosphere. It is ideal for history buffs as it is possible to visit its charming palaces and many charming stately homes.

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