Bernie Sanders in Alabama for first union champion idea at Amazon

Bernie Sanders in Alabama for first union champion idea at Amazon

US-elected Bernie Sanders went to Alabama on Friday to mobilize the hesitating staff of an Amazon warehouse, where a vote is underway to decide to form a union, the first for the online commerce giant in the United States Will happen.

“They are scared right now.” For the independent senator from Vermont, Amazon fears that “if activists succeed (in forming a union) it will spread across the country,” he told reporters after his speech to employees of the online retail giant.

“In Europe, Amazon negotiates with unions, so they can fully negotiate with unions in the United States,” continued Bernie Sanders, a figure of American Progressivists.

Months after some employees mobilized, about 5,800 employees at the Bessemer warehouse are sent a bulletin by March 29 asking them to decide if they want to be represented by the union.

The Seattle group is not officially in opposition to the unions but is campaigning against them. On a site called BHM1, posters in the toilets encourage employees not to unionize, as does a website called “Do It’s Without Deuce” (DoItWithoutDues).

On the announcement of the arrival of Bernie Sanders, who visited the venue with rapper Killer Mike and actor Danny Glover, a senior Amazon official attacked him on Twitter.

“I often say we’re Bernie Sanders of employers, but that’s not quite right because we’re building a truly progressive workplace,” said consumer boss Dave Clarke, ironically of the company on Wednesday.

– Major US Employers –

“So if you want to hear about $ 15 per hour pay and health insurance, the senators will speak downtown. But if you want to make at least $ 15 per hour and have a good health coverage, Amazon Higher Tax Has been, “continued.

The company argues that it pays its employees more than double the minimum wage in Alabama.

E-commerce, but also the technology giant, is the second largest employer in the United States, with 800,000 people, primarily workers and technicians.

The effort by Bessemer, a site that employs African Americans, has been the subject of equal media coverage and tensions over a political campaign, as efforts to organize in the group’s warehouses have so far failed. ‘

The American press recently reported that the vote was undoubtedly going to play on the ability of the distribution union (RWDSU) to mobilize the site’s young employees, who were thought to be more reluctant than their elders who would trust a union Were and contribute.

Employees in favor of “yes” want more bargaining power, especially regarding their working conditions, but also financial.

– Pee breakup –

Bernie Sanders retweet Dave Clarke on Twitter, saying, “I’d love to know that the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, is spending millions to stop workers from getting organized.”

“We want to know why the minimum wage in Vermont is only $ 11.75, when the senator has been one of the most powerful politicians (in the state) for more than 30 years,” he said on Amazon Official Thursday.

“The senator told us to leave our lecture until he is at home.”

Amazon has clearly decided to go on the offensive in public, following a year-long epidemic dedicated to tough recruitment, offering a risk premium associated with the Kovid-19 and exposing its role in domestic supply That is limited to essential products.

“You don’t really believe (the myth of employees urinating in bottles) if nobody works for us,” Amazon’s news account said in response to a tweet from elected Democrats on Wednesday. ” Group’s anti-union strategy.

The cutting message was greeted with photos and flood attacks from journalists and activists who connect with the reality of the problem of inferior rates, which does not leave time for some employees, especially for delivery men. To find your way. Go to the toilet and force them to use plastic bottles.

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